Whimbrel BIRD is no longer available for sale.  If you have an interest in our application please contact us at info@whimbrel.com.


At Whimbrel LLC, our vision is to provide a full-featured application enabling birders to identify, save, manage and share their photography-based observations.

Whimbrel BIRD™ is designed to provide a streamlined, guided workflow that allows birders to easily import their images into a database and tag them with species names, geolocation data, rankings, dates, and a large set of birder-specific and user defined attributes.

Images in Whimbrel BIRD are easily found and selected by applying various filters and search terms. Search by common or scientific names including genus, family, and order. GPS enabled camera location data is imported automatically, or users can assign locations to sets of images or individual images, allowing searches by State, County, City, Park, Refuge, or other point of interest. Images can be reviewed and edited, organized into albums, and exported to image files, with the ability to support presentation formats, other devices, or social media.  

Our initial product release will include the basic software providing these core elements, as seen on the 'Key-features' page of this website.  Future enhancements may include support for additional input and output files, plugins to allow interfaces to bird logging sites, exported data to social media sites, tools to aid in the identification of species, and many other features.

We hope that Whimbrel BIRD™ makes your birding photography more enjoyable. We welcome your feedback.  Let us know what features you'd like to see!

Thanks for your support,
The Whimbrel Team