What is Whimbrel BIRD™?

Whimbrel BIRD™ is a desktop application allowing birders to manage their images and observations of birds. We provide methods to easily tag your pictures with common and scientific names, as well as a variety of characters and attributes, location data, user defined attributes, and other comments and remarks. This data is stored in a database and easy to use methods are provided to allow for easy retrieval and sorting of your images by these attributes.  Images can be organized into albums, and easily exported to directories, external devices, or shared to social media and photo sharing sites.

What systems does Whimbrel BIRD™ support?

The initial release of Whimbrel BIRD™ will support Windows 7, 8 and 10.  We intend to release a version for Macintosh OS/x within 3-6 months of our initial product release. 

What if I'm using another product to manage my pictures?

You can easily use Whimbrel BIRD™ alongside another photo manager.  Other products are generally more focused on creating high quality images and often provide more tools to process and enhance your images, but don't provide the tools to easily tag and track your images as observations.  Whimbrel BIRD™ provides basic tools to enhance and crop your images, but is focused on tracking your images as observations with the associated taxonomy, data and tags that relate to birding. 

Whimbrel BIRD™ imports and stores images in its own database, so you can import photos independently, or import processed images from your other software. 

Whimbrel BIRD™ does not directly share these images with other software, but does allow individual images to be opened and edited by an external photo editor, specified by the user. The imported  source image file name and path are stored in the database so that the user can easily find and reference the source image if required.

DoesWhimbrel BIRD™ support RAW image formats?

Initial releases of Whimbrel BIRD™ only support JPEG file formats. You can easily import image files processed and converted to JPEG using other software.  Depending on customer demand, we may implement support for other formats in future releases.

Does Whimbrel BIRD™ work on my smartphone or tablet?

Although Whimbrel BIRD™ provides methods to easily export and share images with your smartphone or tablet, we currently do not have a dedicated application that runs on other devices. Our long term strategy does include developing apps to share images and observations on these devices. 

Why does Whimbrel BIRD™ use downloaded maps rather than an online mapping service?                                                                

Whimbrel uses downloaded maps is to provide fast, reliable, and consistent results when importing and tagging images. Whimbrel BIRD™ uses maps to locate your pictures, and automatically retrieves geographic information from these maps.  This includes the basic data such as city, state, and country, but also more detailed information such as parks, rivers, refuges, and other local points of interest. To insure that this can be done in a fast, reliable, and consistent manner, we found that using downloaded maps was the best option. We also want to provide a permanent, long term solution, that will continue to work over time.  Online mapping providers can come and go, or change their terms and conditions along with their methods of access, causing existing applications to require specific updates or subscriptions and advertising to continue to function. Using downloaded maps insures that you can continue to use your program regardless of internet access or changes to availability of specific web sites.

How does Whimbrel BIRD™ save and track my images?

When images are imported, Whimbrel BIRD™ stores your image data under a dedicated application directory on your hard drive. General data along with user assigned taxonomic names and attributes is stored in a dedicated database stored in the same application directory.  Configuration options allow this location to be changed and data migrated to a secondary drive or other location as the user desires.  

What checklist does Whimbrel BIRD™ use for naming my observations?

Whimbrel BIRD™ uses the IOC World Bird List.  We plan to support checklist importing and editing in future releases.


Can Whimbrel BIRD™ use 4 letter bird codes?

Yes, Whimbrel BIRD™ allows the user to use four letter codes to assign and search for common names and taxonomies. The user can also edit the codes used to match any individual variations in their use. 

Can Whimbrel BIRD™ share my checklists?

Whimbrel BIRD allow photos to be tagged as a 'checklist' observation, which can then be output to reporting software in various formats. The database tracks which of these items have been exported, so ongoing exports will only include items that have not been previously reported. 

How does Whimbrel BIRD™ know where my photographs were taken?

Whimbrel BIRD reads location data from GPS-enabled cameras. Locations can be assigned for non-GPS enabled cameras. 

On import, the location coordinates are recorded, and information on that location is read from the map and stored in the database. Information stored includes country, state, county, city, landmark or point of interest.

To assign locations for images that don't contain location data, the user simply drags and drops selected images to the desired point on the map, and the associated data is assigned to each observation. 

Whimbrel ships with a worldwide base map, providing high-level information for countries and states, and allows for updates and downloads of more detailed regional data.

Where does Whimbrel BIRD™ keep my images?

Whimbrel BIRD stores the user database and image data by default in the system specified location dependent on system. The user can specify an alternate location in the preferences, and the system provides a tool to migrate the data to this new location.  This allows the user to easily use a secondary storage device.

Does Whimbrel BIRD™ modify my images?

Whimbrel BIRD™ never modifies or edits the original imported image data.  Edits, crops, and all other changes are always applied to a copy of the data, so that the user can always revert to the original.

How do I get my images from Whimbrel BIRD™?

Whimbrel BIRD™allows the user to export images collectively or individually, and can put images in user specified locations with the original assigned names, or names assigned by the user using common names, taxonomic names, locations, dates, or other data as defined by the user. These images can then be copied, exported, or uploaded as desired.  We hope to provide functionality in future releases of Whimbrel BIRD™ to direct access to devices, social media or photo sharing sites, and exporting images and data directly into presentation files and slideshows. 

Can I share data between my laptop and desktop with Whimbrel BIRD™?

The initial release of Whimbrel BIRD™ will allow the entirety of data to be backed up and restored to a different system running Whimbrel BIRD™, such as a laptop.  Our plan is to incorporate additional functionality to allow smaller sets of observations to be shared between devices in a user friendly fashion, such that the user can import, review, and assign attributes to observations on a laptop and later migrate this data into their main data on their primary machine in a synchronized manner.