Patch Notes


Patch 1.04

New Features:
- Demonstration mode is now available under File->Demonstration Mode
This mode allows you to load a pre-made database that gives you a glimpse of what a database could be like.

General changes:
- Overall program UI speed has been increased. As a result, the UI looks slightly different.
- Tips now show upon program start up. You can disable these by clicking "Don't show again"

- Additional information is now displayed in the progress bar for exporting
- Fixed an issue where Watermarks would not used the assigned font size

- Coordinate search now automatically clears upon new entry.
- Coordinates now display when viewing Location Information

Assign Panel:
- When deselecting observations, the taxonomies no longer erroneously stay in the Taxonomy section, they now properly clear.

- It is no longer possible to access the trashcan while in Cull Mode.
- Fixed an issue where the page count would show an incorrect value.

- The paging mechanism for Albums has been restored.

Known Issues:
- Albums are not saving the sort order in which the observations are placed in by the user.