This questionnaire helps the developers of Whimbrel BIRD™ tailor the program to suit the needs of fellow birders.

Please take a moment to answer any question you like, then submit once you are done. This questionnaire is completely anonymous.

You do not have to answer every question.

Thank you!

What brand of cameras do you use?
Enter all that apply.
What type of camera do you use for photographing birds?
Enter all that apply.
Leave empty if you chose a camera above
How many people do you usually bird with?
Check all that apply
When you go birding, how often do you photograph birds?
If you don't photograph birds, why not?
If more than one, enter your top two or three primary reasons.
What is your primary reason for photographing birds?
If more than one. check the two or three primary reasons.
What format do you save your images in?
Check all that apply
How do you save your images?
Check all that apply
Do you digiscope?
Photography using a digital camera and a field spotting scope.
What is your primary computer operating system?
How long have you been birding?
Do you maintain a bird list?
Check all that apply.
Do you use an image hosting website to share your images?
Would you rather purchase an application license outright, or pay a monthly fee for a license?
How much would you expect to pay for a product like Whimbrel BIRD?
How did you hear about Whimbrel BIRD?
For example, tell us what facebook group or blog you heard about us from.
Thanks for filling out our questionnaire!
We really appreciate it.